Fly Higher

Created by Haena Chen Bitton

As a lifelong mission, I pursue visual arts as a creative outlet but perceive it as a key opportunity to send out enlightened and powerful statements driven to unite humanity. When I was invited to participate in the empowerment for girls arts mission I instinctively and immediately had a vision of hands making a shape of a butterfly. Our hands are used to communicate feelings and are the extension of our expressions a universal representation of all humanity. And although we all come from many different backgrounds, inherit and practice different traditions, have different personalities, and have different physical attributes, we are still one humankind in one universe. When we come together, inequality, we rise up higher as a butterfly reaching the sweetest nectar of all found within the flowers. I wanted everyone to know that their uniqueness is what makes them so beautiful. That regardless of what they have been through they can to transform just as a butterfly. It’s also ok to ask for help and have a support system, no one is expected to go through life alone. We hope that we can all be “Reaching Higher” to become nicer people transcending the hurts the pain the hurdles we face as individuals in our lives through the inspiration of our butterfly wing mural. Interestingly, our butterfly grew angelic wings in the form of clouds as our unplanned “happy accident”. I do believe we all have angels that guide our ways and if anyone seeks to harm us they are working 24/7 around the clock to protect us, and light and guide our ways.

Deep In Thoughts

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