The Tree Of Love

Created by Haena Chen Bitton

Tonight marks the holiday of the trees and this artwork was created to honor nature and to bring forth funds that will go towards making a difference in my beautiful homeland the state of Israel. For those of you who don’t know where I am from my family immigrated from morroco and I was born in Israel. People born in Israel ?? are Reffred to as sabras. They say that sabras are soft and sweet from the inside and are prickly on the outside, as the fruit of the Negev prickly pear. Israel is known for having fruits and vegetables that last for months in your refrigerator, strangers that greet you like your family, the most amazing food in the world and breathtaking landmarks filled with so many wonders too plentiful to count. Israel is known for its holy sites and the melting pot of all religions. We have been praying for peace ever since we have been Jews. We have always wanted to simply be accepted and loved for who we are! I am a proud Israeli a proud Jew and a proud American.

36”x 48”

Deep In Thoughts

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